Justice for Gays and Lesbians: Reclaiming Christian Fundamentals Crisis and Challenge in the Episcopal Church. Robert L. McCan

Justice for Gays and Lesbians (Robert L. McCan, PhD) is a "must read" for any thinking American, especially one who defines himself as "Christian." In a reasoned, scholarly, yet highly approachable way, Dr. McCan reviews the historical context of Biblical pronouncements on same sex relationships; the positions of main-stream churches; and the very real struggle the Episcopal Church US went through for over 40 years before arriving at the vote to install an openly-gay Bishop. As I wrote the author: "To my continued shame, I watched the Civil Rights movement of the 1960's with bemusement rather than conviction. Similarly, as a straight, non-believer I hardly have a dog in this fight..." But, truth is, having watched friends and family members struggle with issues related to their sexuality, I do have one, and --- since you're reading this-- I suspect you do too. This book (with excellent, timely "on demand" production by a division of Amazon--so no need to look for it elsewhere at a lower price) deserves a readership far beyond those who accept or are indifferent to its conclusions before reading. Dr. McCan's review of the compassionate and sometimes revolutionary example Christ set should be a "wake up call" for all "Christians;" still, in the end this pastor/scholar leaves room for your position even if not totally in agreement with his. (Review by a reader at Amazon.com)

Justice for Gays and Lesbians is wonderfully accessible and useful rather than a "scholarly" dissertation or one-dimensional approach to the crisis and challenge facing mainline Protestant denominations in this country. This easy-reading book provides both clarity and comprehensive coverage of the issues involved when individuals and congregations wrestle over inclusion of gays and lesbians in church and society. Dr. McCan ably summarizes the long years of religious debate on this issue in mainline protestant churches and specifically highlights the Episcopalian odyssey. He addresses context and meaning when homosexuality is discussed in the Old and New Testaments. Dr. McCan provides a clear exposition of how Jesus burst on the scene of public ministry with a desire to redefine the ethic of Judaism. We can understand how absolutely radical Jesus was within both his Jewish community and larger community of his day. Dr. McCan's wonderful and simple chapter on the "right and the good" in ethics, when combined with Jesus' love ethic, is applicable to our lives as citizens as well as Christians. The book lends itself to teen as well as adult education classes. (Review by Betty K. Hart at Amazon.com)