8th Forum of LGBT Christians of Eastern Europe and Central Asia

8th Forum of LGBT Christians of Eastern Europe and Central Asia will be held on August 13-16, 2015. This year the host town will be Tartu, an amazing European university town that lies on the Emajõgi («Mother river»).

The theme this year is: Follow Me and don’t look back. «Let the dead bury their dead.» (Lk 9:60). Jesus says this to a young man He has called to be a follower. The latter asked Jesus to first let him bury his Father. It is understood by a large number of Bible scholars that the man’s father was alive and well and that habitual and traditional life was a greater priority for the youth than pursuing Christ’s calling.

Most LGBT-Christians have some experience of this spiritual dilemma: the choice between a life in accordance with their true identity and a life conforming to other people’s views and judgements and to denominational traditions. When we are forbidden to express the love God made part of out nature we can’t respond to Christ’s calling and adapt to other people’s wishes simultaneously. Therefore Christ is calling us to commit the people who create obstacles on our way to God’s will and choose to follow Him.

Plenary reporters and moderators of workshops will be theologians, priests, church leaders, spiritual counselors, believers from different churches, which are affirmative towards accepting LGBT.

The spirit of our Forum is inclusive Christian love which does not know interfaith, gender and national barriers.
We invite priests, church ministers, believers of all Christian faiths and all other people interested in spiritual growth to participate in the Forum.

Our Forum is:
— Safe space for all participants,
— Openness, friendliness, respect for all participants and their beliefs,
— Opportunity to find answers to many spirituality-related questions,
— Opportunity to meet amazing people (LGBT and non-LGBT), to talk privately to priests, ministers of various denominations,
— Freedom to be who you are.
The Forum is not an open event. Security issues are a priority for the planning committee.
In order to take part in the Forum conference you will need to take three steps:
1. register online,
2. be interviewed by a representative of the planning committee and
3. pay the participation fee.

Please find the registration form at: http://goo.gl/kbDTbz

The registration fee is 150 euros and includes the cost of 3-day accommodation, meals, printed materials and participation.
The transportation cost is NOT included.
If the panning committee succeeds in its attempts to find sponsorship sources, the participation fee might be reduced.

1. Both LGBT and non-LGBT individuals of different faith who are willing to take part in a dialog on the topics presented at the conference are welcome to participate in the Forum.
2. Since the Forum is an interfaith conference, each participant should pay respect to the opinion of all participants, including opinions voiced at the Forum events. We do not recommend discussing interdenominational divergences. Please remember that we come together to find a common ground, show love, provide each other with spiritual and moral support. Anything else would fall short of the conference purposes.
3. Photo and video recording during Forum is not allowed for confidentiality reasons, and may be allowed only by the Forum planning committee on condition of keeping confidentiality policy (details to be shared on the first day).
4. Any publications in mass media about the Forum must be agreed with the planning team.
5. Participants are welcome to use nicknames.
6. Participants are required to attend at least 80% of Forum events.
7. In case a participant is not able to attend the conference due to an emergency the registration fee is not refundable (since bookings and other payments for the facilities have to be made in advance).
8. Rules of conduct at the Forum conference conform to the rules of the public order in Estonia (making noise after 11 p.m. and before 8 a.m., drinking alcohol or smoking on the forum premises is not allowed).
9. Should these rules be violated a participant (s) will be dismissed on the decision of the Forum planning team.
10. Detailed information about the location of the Forum will be sent to each participant personally several days/hours ahead of the start of the Forum (for security reasons).
If you have any questions, please email us: forum.eeca@gmail.com — we will reply you within 2 weeks after date of receiving your email.

Organizing Committee:
Gay Christian of Estonia Association
«Nuntiare et Recreare» Ministry (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
«Light of the World» Open Christian Community (Moscow, Russia)
«Faith and Rainbow» association (Warsaw, Poland)
Avers LGBT Organization (Samara, Russia)
"Queer-Credo" and "Pastyr Dobry" (Kyiv, Ukraine)