The Rainbow Kingdom: Christianity & the Homosexual Reconciled. David W. Shelton

"Can a person be gay and a Christian?"

This is a question that countless thousands of people have asked themselves in the course of their lives. Whether they are struggling with this issue themselves or if they know loved ones who are wrestling with their sexual orientation, there's now hope!

The Rainbow Kingdom: Christianity & the Homosexual Reconciled, a new book by David W. Shelton, answers that question and many others that we deal with as GLBT and GLBT-affirming Christians. In the first half, The Rainbow Kingdom addresses the "clobber" verses that are used to condemn gay and lesbian people throughout the world. Then, the message shifts from instruction to ministry, meeting many of today's issues head-on.

The Rainbow Kingdom: Christianity & the Homosexual Reconciled is a practical, Biblical approach to interpreting Scripture. There are no apologies, no attacks, and no condemnation. The Rainbow Kingdom sets aside complex theology and presents its message in an easy-to-read format that's appropriate for everyone. The message of this book is simple: reconciliation with Jesus Christ and with our deeply-held faith.

If you or someone you love is unsure whether or not they can be gay and Christian, you owe it to yourself to find the answer. With this book, you can begin that process to the kind of peace and contentment that Christ has for ALL of us!

David W. Shelton is a pastor, writer, columnist, activist, and artist.He currently lives in Clarksville, Tennessee, with his life partner and their five cats.